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MSI Orthotic Lab
4646 S. Ash Ave.

Suite 108
Tempe, AZ 85282

Phone: 602-793-1000

Fax: 480-755-8600


Hours: Monday thru Thursday 8AM - 4PM

About Us

MSI Orthotic Lab started in 2001 making quality foot orthoses. 

The mission of the company has been dedication to patient care and service to our practitioners.


We take pride in our sustained ability of producing a one week lab turnaround.  With rare exceptions, we have maintained it for over twenty years.


Our redo rate is very low, and has been consistently so.


Dr. Joe DeRose started the lab, and is our medical consultant.  He has had experience in practice and teaching, as an instructor, at the Arizona School of Podiatry.  In depth consulting - In service - is available.


Please contact us for your orthotic needs.

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