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The Shorty Brace

The "Shorty Brace," is an orthotic device that offers multiple solutions for you and your patients.  This two piece system has more control than a regular foot orthosis, and avoids irritating the talo-navicular area medially.


When patients will not accept an AFO, the lower profile Shorty Brace may be acceptable to them.


Suggested code*:  L1907 (Ankle orthosis, supramalleolar with straps, with or without interface/pads, custom fabricated)


Please follow all guidelines and compliance regulations required. 


The brace should never be utilized as a way of dispensing a foot orthosis.  If you are concerned that your patient may be trying to "game the system," please order the brace as "non-detachable."




Symptomatic flat foot




Ankle/foot instability


Casting Instructions (neutral suspension casting technique):


Plaster:  Please add strips to cover the malleoli.  6 strip thickness is recommended.  We recommend placing the strips for the malleoli first and then applying the slipper cast.


Fiberglass:  Casting tape or STS socks


Foam:  A separate cast of the heel and malleoli (6 layer thickness) along with the foam box


Please note:  A 90 degree angle is not required.  We will be cutting the cast.


Dispensing tip:


The straps are intended to be placed over the top/dorsum of the tongue of the shoe.  The tongue serves as a soft interface.


* Please note that coding is the responsibility of the medical professional.


The Shorty Brace Order Form
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